SANDY x Myra Molloy — Tear Me Up

Award-winning producer SANDY links up with Myra Molloy on emotionally-charged new single “Tear Me Up”

Born out of their shared experiences during the Grammy week in Los Angeles, SANDY and Myra Molloy delve into the pressures of social status and self-doubt faced by artists in the industry.

“Myra and I wrote this song during Grammy week in LA, feeling the social pressure and clout of going to the “cool” afterparties, but not being invited. ‘Tear Me Up’ is about battling with an unhealthy internal dialogue, self-confidence issues and FOMO. It speaks of the mental space we often live in as artists, especially in an industry that often values image over music, where being seen in the right scene feels like what it’s all about…”SANDY.

Paired with moving lyrics, and laced with sticky melodies, Myra’s vocals flow beautifully on top of SANDY’s electronic-centred indie production to create a stunning track with substance— one that will resonate with listeners from all walks of life.

Stream “Tear Me Up” below:

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Photo Credit: David Dickenson

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