Sage Charmaine x Elko — Thru Hell

Sage Charmaine links up with Elko on “Thru Hell”

Known for her visually striking look; her ever-changing neon hair and Bratz inspired style, Sage Charmaine is an upcoming artist within the emo music scene who effortlessly blends elements of pop, rap and electronic music to create her music. She’s back with “Thru Hell”, the second song of her 12 finished songs that are ready to roll out over 2021 and 2022. There’s something captivating about Sage’s vocals here— you’re instantly drawn in from the start as her vocals perfectly float over the gorgeous production. Lyrically, the song explores a toxic relationship— it follows a couple that are dragging themselves through hellfire by being with one another.

Stream “Thru Hell” below:

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