London-based artist RENÉ shares new single “I R L”

For an artist who has been supported by the likes of COLORS, Hunger, Notion, BBC Radio 1xtra, Kiss FM and more platforms, it’s still surprising to see RENÉ not get the love she deserves. Not many are blessed with the breathtaking vocals she has, and not many blend past and future sounds to create the captivating music she does. Her latest offering “I R L”, the follow up to the underrated banger “Better U”, lyrically explores the concept of consuming infatuation and the power of inner thought. RENÉ’s poignant vocals float beautifully over the vibrant Oscar Moos produced track. She may be unknown to many, but RENÉ is a star to us, and we hope she releases more music this year.

“I R L speaks to all the intense emotions we can feel when we instantly connect with or become infatuated with someone; lust, obsession, excitement, desperation, irrationality. We long for fantasies to become reality, but often hide or suppress these feelings for fear of being labeled crazy or ‘too much too soon’. Also more literally where people haven’t been able to meet during lockdown – the same would apply. This song celebrates all the feelings that make us human in those moments when ‘I just want you in real life’”RENÉ.

Stream “IRL” below:

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