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Rising French artist Eugénie unveils her English language debut “Blue”

Eugénie may be unknown to most people but the French rising star has been working on her come up for the past few years. She signed to Universal France back in 2017, and quickly gained the attention of brands such as Chanel, Vanity Fair and Evian with the release of her hit song “Puis Danse” which has accumulated over 5 million streams across all platforms, and opening for bigger French names such as Vianney, Slimane, Marina Kaye and FEDER. Her breakthrough continued with a handful of singles, including a feature on Elephanz’s “Maryland”, which has been certified Gold. However, for three years she remained quiet and didn’t release any official singles until now.

Known for writing English language covers of French hits which have become popular on both TikTok and Instagram, Eugénie has unveiled her debut English language song “Blue”, accompanied by a striking music video shot during the blue hour. The David Spinelli-produced track showcases Eugénie’s evolution as an artist, as she combines multiple genres such as pop, electronica and breakbeats to create a captivating sound that has commercial appeal. She delivers a stunning breathy vocal performance, and as a listener you’re instantly connect with the emotionally-driven lyrics.

“Blue is an emotional marathon, as if everything I went through tore me down. Now everything get to me through a blue filter with a changing thickness from one day to another, but which always makes me feel downhearted in the end. I tried to understand why by reviewing everything I’ve been through (my place in this industry, my doubts, the fear to move forward, to grow up), which explains the sweet and angry moments in this song. The music video is a sequence shot built on a performance where I’m facing the camera, shot during the “Blue Hour”. You can see me in the middle of nowhere dressed in a suit and tie with naked legs, boots on my feet and gloves on my hands.With this school/working outfit, I play the part that defines me on a daily basis, sailing between this first of the class child and the women I became. I also wanted to tell those emotions in a direct way and let my body spontaneously speak  for me. Laying down like I’m shattered, but always getting back on my feet and fighting to live this life, until I fall again” — Eugénie.

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