Ormella — Never’s a Promise

East London newcomer Ormella releases bold debut single “Never’s a Promise”

Hailing from the outskirts of East London, singer-songwriter Ormella makes a bold entrance into the music scene with her emotionally-charged debut single, “Never’s a Promise”. This indie folk track pulsates with the raw emotion of a heart laid bare, as she navigates the turbulent waters of love and loss.

Written in the wake of a tumultuous breakup, “Never’s a Promise” serves as a poignant testament to resilience and self-discovery. With each lyric dripping with sincerity, she invites listeners into her world where vulnerability is transformed into strength through the power of music.

Laced with haunting melodies and ethereal vocals, Ormella has released a stunning debut track that will resonate with most listeners. Her emotive performance draws listeners into a deeply personal journey of healing and empowerment.

“‘Never’s a Promise’ is one of those songs that poured out of me—it wasn’t a labour of love like some of the other songs I’ve written this year. Lyrically, it’s one of the most truthful reflections of how I was feeling while coming out of a relationship with someone I felt had more than deceived me but that I still deeply love. The chorus of the song and title is like a prayer for me; a promise to myself to move on from someone who has shown me, in so many different ways, that he doesn’t care at all; It’s also a cathartic ‘f*ck you’ to them.”Ormella.

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