Ollie Shares Latest Single “You & I”

Canadian artist Ollie shares emotionally-driven new single “You & I”.

2019 was an exciting year for fast rising Canadian artist Ollie, he landed numerous playlists and features on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon and Google Play. With momentum behind him, he brought his music to the live stage touching his fans across Germany, UK, US and Canada. His latest single “You & I” has a beautifully-sung hook and a guitar-infused production that make it a pleasant listen and one that many listeners can emotionally connect to. There’s also early 2010s Drake vibes throughout. Press play.

“Finding a balance in life and giving the people we love everything we know they deserve can be difficult at times, but through it all you stick by them. You wouldn’t trade the time you’ve spent by their side for anything, because loyalty means never leaving the people you love behind. I wrote this song for everyone who’s in love but also human, who makes mistakes. But also learns & grows. Forever it’s only you & I” Ollie.

Stream “You & I” below:

Watch the music video below:

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Photo Credit: Brendan Barnard

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