NOT A TOY — Gutter Kid

Alternative collective NOT A TOY release new single “Gutter Kid”

Consisting of Branson Hoog, Benji Spoliansky, Jeremy Marmor and TJ Wessel, NOT A TOY is both a band and a collective hailing from Denver, Colorado. These four high school friends are all beatmakers and producers who started their careers skateboarding, breakdancing and playing punk and emo gigs in Colorado.

Following their summer hit “BAD MOOD”, the alternative group are back with their latest offering “Gutter Kid”. Built over a hard hitting production which effortlessly blends multiple genres like hip hop, rock, electronic and indie, the track was influenced by the bands mutual love for the Netflix series Arcane League of Legends. It’s loud and energetic with emotional undertones, and it will resonate with people who don’t quite fit in— “Gutter Kid” is the perfect anthem for outcasts.

“‘Gutter Kid,’ similar to Arcane, is about a kid who grew up in the underbelly of a futuristic society fighting against their oppressors. The song feels like the soundtrack to a fight scene – sprinkled with samples of bullet shells hitting the floor, cars screeching, and cinematic violin shrills. The fast-paced tempo paired with aggressive high pitched lyricism feels as legendary as the storyline.”  — Branson Hoog, lead vocalist.

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Photo Credit: Sydney Jackson

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