Nikki White — Fairweather Friends

Indie-pop artist Nikki White shares new single “Fairweather Friends”

Newcomer Nikki White makes her DNü debut with her captivating new release “Fairweather Friends” which is accompanied by a music video directed by Alexander Sworik.

Written in LA with her two friends, Jordyn Kane and Aaron Blackmar, the track details letting go of friends who ditch you when things go bad— a topic which will resonate with most listeners. Nikki’s vocals sound amazing on top of the energetic production which has a early 00’s pop rock production.

“Dark pop with a message. In my music I talk about my struggle with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety and imposter syndrome. But I also dig into what it’s like to be a young woman in this industry and the bullshit that comes with. I think my music just reflects who I am as a person and tells my life story.”Nikki White.

FFO: Avril Lavigne, renforshort, Kailee Morgue etc.

Stream “Fairweather Friends” below:

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