Celebrating unsigned and emerging women artists

Today (and every single day), we’ve been celebrating unsigned and women artists from all around the world. This year, for our GRL:PWR playlist, we’ve decided to feature 23 up and coming women artists with less than 30k monthly listeners on Spotify. Below are 5 standout artists on the playlist you need to listen to right now.


Location: Brisbane, Australia

A true DIY artist, Brisbane singer-songwriter ALBI. writes music inspired by her personal experiences as a young woman in her 20’s. She effortlessly infuses genres such as R&B, house and Drum & Bass. Her current single “Run” is a dancefloor gem that has gone under the radar— stream and add it to your playlists today!


Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Afro-Swedish singer-songwriter Felish recently caught our attention with her stunning single “Got me” which is taken from her new EP, 4 Ever is a very long time. She has a captivating sound which sits somewhere between R&B and pop.


Location: Bristol, UK

Bristol-based singer-songwriter Lenn recently made a stunning return to music with “dreams are a nightmare”— a moody pop track with elements of alternative R&B which expertly showcases her stunning vocal abilities, as well as writing. Almost ran out of breath reading that! Good news— she new music on the way.


Location: New York, USA

LUCI (pronounced Loo Chē) is one of the most underrated artists today. She blends multiple genres to create her own unique sound which has elements of trap, punk and electronic. Let’s hope she drops new music this year!


Location: Berlin, Germany

Berlin-based alt-pop singer-songwriter PENNY X has everything an emerging artists needs to be a star— talent, sound and branding. Now, all she needs is the support from tastemakers, curators and fans outside her homeland. Check her out today, you won’t regret it.

Stream our updated GRL:PWR playlist below:

Featured Image: ALBI.

Photo Credit: Caity Smith

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