Molly Hammar Shares New Single “DOUCHEBAG”

Swedish rising star Molly Hammar shares empowering new single “DOUCHEBAG”, accompanied by a music video.

Molly Hammar’s success story to date has been far from straight forward, she signed to a major record in her native Sweden in her teens and was propelled into the limelight, however the commercial pop music she was creating at the time did not fit her artistic vision. Having won Breakthrough of the Year at the coveted Swedish music award show Rockbjörnen last year, the rising star now has a second chance to really fulfil her potential and become a superstar at a global level by making the music she loves— R&B music.

She’s been dropping hints about new music in the past few weeks, and the first offering is the captivating and empowering R&B banger “DOUCHEBAG”. Co-written with and produced by Sebastien Atas, the song is a witty diss to men who mistreat women. Although Molly delivers a stunning vocal performance over the lush production, it’s the message of the song that really stands out here— this is something the world needs to hear more of. Molly plays both the role of a male sexual predator as well as the empowered female, who ultimately triumphs in the face of adversity in the visually striking music video. Amazing. She’s bold, she’s brave and she’s fierce, “DOUCHEBAG” is the ultimate girl power anthem and we’re here for it. Press play and add this to your playlists.

“’Douchebag’ is the most honest song I’ve ever written. We wrote it in one day and the majority of the vocals are recorded that same day. I basically went straight from the club to the studio, very hungover but mostly fed-up with meeting men that behave like douchebags. I came up with the video idea the same day, my goal was to show how patriarchal structures remain in all of us and not least in modern pop videos. I wanted to make a satire of how today’s Douchebag behaves and let people see it from a woman’s perspective. I think we give too many free passes to male artists today and that we often look away from the objectification of women that still exists in pop culture. Last but not least, it is a reminder to the woman. To dare to be a bad bitch. To stand up for oneself”Molly Hammar.

Stream “DOUCHEBAG” below:

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Photo Credit: Studio Paulina Torbjörnsen

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