HEN$HAW Exudes Confidence On New Single “COZY”

Emerging London rapper HEN$HAW exudes confidence on new single “COZY”.

2020 was a challenging year for many unsigned and emerging artists, for HEN$HAW despite the struggles he still managed to release memorable tracks such as “McCARTNEY” and the politically-charged “GO YARD”. He returns with the excellent new single “COZY”— a sort of fun song about his reintroduction to the world. On “COZY”, he went back to basics with friend and producer goodbyechase, recording the song in his room, the same place where they both started making music. Laced with dynamic lyricism throughout and a razor sharp flow over a dark menacing production, HEN$HAW starts 2021 with a bang by going back to his early Grime roots and delivering an unapologetically British rap track that may just help him gain traction.

Stream “COZY” below:

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