Meron T Shines On Soulful Latest Single “Can We”

South London-based singer-songwriter Meron T‘s second single “Can We” is taken from her upcoming debut EP Mirage, which is due to be released this autumn. She delivers a breathtaking and soulful vocal performance over the Paya produced track. Although it may be her first release of the year, it gives listeners an insight of the sound she has been developing in the past two years. Lyrically, “Can We” is a song about loving someone despite knowing they’re no good for you.

“I wrote this song just after coming back from Masego’s European tour, as one of his backing vocalists. After tour, I was super inspired and wanted to channel that creative energy, but was also very sad. The end of tour not only meant leaving the musical magic, but it also meant saying goodbye to somebody that I was falling for. The only way to cure these blues was to get lost in creating. So as soon as I got back, I went to the studio with a few beats a friend had made, and this one stood out in particular. Before I knew it, I layered a bunch of harmonies onto it, and had completely fallen in love with it. That was in November 2018. It has been a long road to get the song to this point, ready for your ears – so it’s truly a special one” Meron T.

Listen to “Can We” below:

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