CatchTwentyTwo Unveils New Single “Coming For Blood”

CatchTwentyTwo is a singer, songwriter and producer hailing from Broward County, Florida known for fusing elements of lo-fi, dark R&B and pop into his stylised contemporary songs. His brand new single “Coming for Blood” may be a short track but it’s a beautifully-sung one that really showcases his potential.

“Making music is like painting, and people like those, you can compare them to Bob Ross or Dali. I take Michael Jackson as a big influence, I recall the day I first watched him perform, it was actually the 25th anniversary on youtube and he performed Billie Jean, I knew I had to try to do that, even copying his dance moves around 12 years old, The Weeknd is a huge influence on me, I started listening to him around late freshman year in highschool, I remember when I listened to Kissland, I listened to it before anything else. I fell in love, it would be amazing to work with him one day, I love the whole xo team, Black Atlass is awesome. And so I’m making a vintage set of songs starting with this track, R&B yet jazzy, melancholy, yet cocky track”CatchTwentyTwo.

Listen to “Coming for Blood” below:

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