MELA Shares New Single “Out of Tune”

New York City-based indie-pop singer and songwriter MELA has unveiled her new single “Out of Tune”.

Hailing from West Chester, Pennsylvania, the emerging star is known for her singles such as “Give It Back” and “Young”, released under the name ‘Megan Elise’ — a name she has used to pen songs she’s written for TV, ads and film. After teaming up with Nashville-based producer Ryan Corn and her sister Laura Kelly, MELA was formed and she re-released her singles under her new name.

Her latest offering “Out of Tune” is an enjoyable indie-pop record with a euphoric vibe throughout and one hell of a catchy chorus built over a lush production. This is a bop, add it to your playlists.

“The best thing about this song is the sound. The obvious, yet subtle, combination of multiple genres creates a unique blend of sound that puts this track in a category of its own. There are electronic and acoustic elements working effortlessly together in this track. The song tells a story of love lost and longing, but the powerful drive leaves the listener feeling empowered and on the top by the end of the experience”MELA.

Stream “Out of Tune” below:

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