Jhyve Drops New Single “Rapture”

Canadian singer-songwriter Jhyve is back with the second single off his upcoming EP.

Jhyve is truly a hidden gem within the Toronto R&B scene and arguably one of the most underrated artists around. His latest single “Rapture” is another strong release that showcases his breathtaking vocal and songwriting abilities. The song also has a catchiness to it despite its darker content.

“There’s a particular kind of doubt that leaves cracks in the core of who you are. Whether you’re questioning if you’re meant for the path that you choose, or second-guessing the intentions of the loved ones around you, doubt has a way of creeping up in your moments of suffering; turning a search for answers into a trial of your worthiness. RAPTURE is a song about that sort of doubt” Jhyve.

Stream “Rapture” below:

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