Lucid Kidd — Today and Tomorrow

17 year-old Lithuanian emo pop artist Lucid Kidd shares new single “Today and Tomorrow”

It’s been a month since 17 year-old Lithuanian emo pop artist Lucid Kidd released “G n T”, the first single from his forthcoming project. The single which was promptly featured on Spotify’s tear drop playlist, has already racked up over 200k organic streams.

He’s back with new single “Today and Tomorrow”, a melodic emo pop song about his perfect vision of love. In the music video directed by Sebastien Ricci he empowers his lover to leave her abusive and depressed father’s grip and take control of her life.

Although this song may not resonate with many listeners as most of us have all experienced toxic love— and I hope Lucid Kidd doesn’t experience this any time soon. But we all want a perfect love. We want to love. We don’t want any problems. They say music influences the youth, let’s hope “Today and Tomorrow” encourages Generation Alpha to love better than Generation Z and Millenials did.

Stream “Today and Tomorrow” below:

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