LU KALA Unveils Latest Song “Want You”

Congolese-Canadian singer-songwriter LU KALA unveils her latest single “Want You”.

Emerging pop talent LU KALA blew us away back in February with her outstanding single “Body Knew” — her breathtaking voice completely took us by surprise, and since then we’ve become fans of her music. Seeing a confident black woman create self-empowered pop anthems like this is so refreshing, as black female artists are often associated with R&B music.

LU’s new single “Want You” is another stellar effort and although the production handled by TEE, effortlessly matches her vocals, as a music lover you could still listen to an a capella version of it and still emotionally connect to it. If you’re a fan of the likes of Adele, Sia and Elley Duhé, you’re going to absolutely love LU KALA.

“I wrote ‘Want You’ once I was ready to face myself when it came to self-sabotage. I allowed a man into my life who wouldn’t commit to me but I still wanted to lay there with him, hoping that maybe one day he’d want me. It was hard to see myself like that, I’ve just never been wanted by the ones I wanted. After that experience, I decided that my desire for him would never overpower my self respect again.” — LU KALA.

Stream “Want You” below:

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