Tycho Jones Shines On New Single “Don’t Be Afraid”

London-based artist Tycho Jones shines on brilliant new single “Don’t Be Afraid”.

Despite being a new name to many people, newcomer Tycho Jones has already caught the attention of respected platforms such as COLORS, Lyrical Lemonade and Notion alike. His latest offering “Don’t Be Afraid” is a brilliant single that effortlessly infuses indie, pop and hip-hop well. The lyrics are poetic and give a deep insight into the Londoner’s mental. Overall, it’s an emotionally-driven song with replay value.

“Don’t Be Afraid was a song I wrote while going through a deep patch of anxiety whilst in New Zealand. After three intense days of isolation and panic attacks, it just poured out of me. Most of the song was a freestyle that was my unconscious trying to encourage myself to focus on reality and get out of my head”Tycho Jones.

Stream “Don’t Be Afraid” below:

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