louis rosé — Stress!

Newcomer louis rosé delivers passionate debut single “Stress!”

Despite being 17 years of age, Chester, UK based newcomer louis rosé bares his soul on the emotionally-driven debut single “stress!”. With honest lyricism and a melodic rap-sung flow built over a guitar-infused hip-hop production, the hook is as catchy as it is relatable. Written at a time when he was facing health problems that completely knocked his self-confidence, as well as being under exam pressure and relationship issues, the teenage artist has delivered a solid debut that will resonate with most listeners around his age group— and one that fits the emo scene really well. Although there’s still a lot of room for improvement artistically, louis rosé showcases potential by delivering a passionate performance.

“I think ‘stress!’ manifests from unprocessed emotions and some days it feels like my head is gonna explode but the music helps me deal with that. This song to me represents a transitional period in my development as an artist, sonically it reflects an earlier stage of my music which had faded away in the past year, as I moved away from melody and more towards lyrical delivery” — louis rosé.

Stream “Stress!” below:

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