Linn Koch-Emmery — Happy

Swedish indie rock sensation Linn Koch-Emmery unveils electrifying new single “Happy”

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, and raised in Norrköping, Sweden, indie rock sensation Linn Koch-Emmery makes her DNü debut with her highly anticipated new single, “Happy”.

“Happy” is the second single from her upcoming album Borderline Iconic, which is set for release in May via Boys Toys. The track is built over a well-crafted production by Peter Robertson of The Vaccines— a perfect match for Emmery’s gorgeous vocals. It’s not only catchy, it’s also relatable, she explores the complexities of relationships, capturing the subtle yet enduring hope that lingers even as they come to an end.

“There’s never as much hope as in the beginning and right before the end of a relationship.”Linn Koch-Emmery.

Stream “Happy” below:

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