Welsh outfit WRKHOUSE return with their new single “Snow”

Welsh alternative indie-rock quartet WRKHOUSE captured attention with their stunning debut single, “Getaway” last month. Their momentum shows no sign of slowing down as they release their second single, “Snow”, offering listeners a glimpse into the upcoming EP Out Of The Blue, which is set to release in April. With each note and lyric, the band invites listeners into a world where emotions are keenly felt on their latest track.

“Towards the end of that year (2020), I ended up revisiting it after a pretty nasty breakup – we were constantly back and forth, never sure on where we both stood, and deep down, knew things weren’t working. Lyrics I had written over a year ago at this point suddenly made so much more sense. I wanted to create a sense of restraint and control throughout the song, and I suppose that’s why there’s no traditional ‘chorus’ or hook. Each build up is quickly snatched away in favour of a quiet, intimate bridge section, before the climax at the very end acts as a huge outpouring of pent up energy and emotion.”Lewys (lead singer).

Stream “Snow” below:

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