Lenn — silicone

Bristol-based artist Lenn shares new single “silicone”, taken from forthcoming debut EP

Lenn has already dropped one of our favourite songs of the year thus far, “dreams are a nightmare”, and she’s looking to build on the momentum from that with her latest offering “silicone”. Built over a gorgeous R&B-infused production, her striking voice demands attention throughout— effortlessly combining evocative lyrics and captivating melodies. Beautifully-written too, Lenn has managed to lend a helping hand to listeners who are feeling stuck in life while chasing their dreams.

“Listening to this song gives me a real sense of how far I’ve come as a songwriter and to finally be releasing it feels like a big milestone. ‘silicone’ speaks more generally to the idea of wanting to know how our life choices will play out and the fear that we might be getting them wrong. For me though it is about my journey with music. Chasing a dream while finding purpose beyond just a selfish pursuit of how I want to spend my time with the added dimension of my faith and what God thinks about the whole thing.”Lenn.

Stream “silicone” below:

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