LAGIOIA Shares Stunning Ballad “Lord”

London-based Swiss singer-songwriter LAGIOIA shares stunning ballad “Lord”.

Influenced by the likes of Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys and her parents archive of 70’s funk, singer-songwriter LAGIOIA delivers another impressive release titled “Lord”. In this generation we often rate a song based on its production, and tend to overlook the vocal performance of an artist. On “Lord”, it’s LAGIOIA’s vocals that truly shine— she sings with raw emotion and you feel every single word sings. The rising talent is a rare gem, a special artist with all the tools to succeed. Press play and add “Lord” to your playlists.

“I’ve always been creating music and using songwriting as a way of self-therapy to express inner conflicts and to find resolutions. Lord was created about 2 years ago, when I was feeling quite lost, not knowing what to do in my life and overthinking every single thing. Out of frustration, I sat down once again with my guitar trying to feel better while singing how I feel. The lyrics came quite quickly and helped me heal. For me, music had always the impact of making me feel better and safe when I felt down. With Lord I hope that I can help my fans and listeners who are struggling with anything in their life and make them feel more embraced. The emotions and topics discussed in Lord, resemble a journey from feeling lost and fearful to finding hope and self love. We can be quite hard on ourselves and with the cover of Lord, which writes “be gentle to your soul”, I wanted an action and resolution, how you can help yourself be better and feel better, when you’re at this low point of your life” LAGIOIA.

Stream “Lord” below:

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Photo Credit: Konrad

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