YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB Unveils New Single “Boundaries”

London-based French singer, songwriter and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB unveils new single “Boundaries”.

Having spent the last year tweaking and redefining her new sound, the artist formerly known as MJ Bodson makes her official return as YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB with stunning new single “Boundaries”. Infusing alternative pop with sprinkles of popular African music such as soukous and makossa to create her own unique sound, “Boundaries” is the first taste of music she’s excited to share with the world. 

“This song is the first song I finished after a very long writers block. I sat at my laptop and quickly came up with the chord progression, which is quite slow and emotional. I then had the idea of adding an African drum pattern, and from then the vocal melody came almost instantly, quickly followed by the lyrics. Lyrically the song is about being conflicted between being there for the people you love and putting yourself and your well-being first”YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB.

Stream “Boundaries” below:




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