Kid Bloom — I Fell in Love Again

Los Angeles-based artist Kid Bloom shares new single “I Fell in Love Again”

Born Lennon Kloser, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kid Bloom crafts a signature style independent of era and genre, yet universally appealing. He’s also known for his dreamy blend of synth-infused electronic music with hazy 80’s disco tones and Motown-esque energy, and co-writing “Convince Me Otherwise” with Maroon 5 and H.E.R for their latest album.

His new single “I Fell in Love Again” is a vibrant indie pop track laced with catchy melodies throughout. The song has a feel-good vibe about falling in love again, one of the most magical experiences one can have— almost making the listener want to fall in love too. If like us you need a break from the emotionally-charged love songs, then check this positive and energetic song about love.

Stream “I Fell in Love Again” below:

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Photo Credit: Nikoli Partyeli

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