Keni — Bev Hillz

LA-based emerging artist Keni returns with captivating new single “Bev Hillz”

Paying homage to her heroes Weezer, and accompanied with a tongue-in-cheek music video, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and one of our favourites Keni has made a sensational return with her best release thus far, “Bev Hillz”, the first single taken from her forthcoming debut EP.

The track features her breathy vocals and off-kilter songwriting. But what really stands out is the infectious chorus— it instantly sticks with you, and I can picture thousands of fans singing it with her at a gig or a festival one day.

There’s hundreds of talented emerging pop artists out there, but none of them captivate us as much as Keni does. She’s not only blessed with a breathtaking vocal ability and pen game, she exudes confidence and has this amazing personality which makes her very much likeable. You’re looking at the next big thing in pop, so go ahead and add this captivating track to your personal playlists.

“I love Weezer. always have, always will. Beverly Hills is a staple of my childhood. I grew up in LA and Hannah Montana was my favorite show so what else would anyone expect. I live and have lived in the San Fernando Valley forever. I love it here. It’s my home but I want to move up. I don’t take myself too seriously, similar in that sense to this song. In my silliest, wildest dreams I do want a star on the Boulevard. I know how that may sound but I WANT one. A big fat star with my name on it. And that’s okay, because you probably want one too. That’s what this song is about”Keni.

Stream “Bev Hillz” below:

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