Kanashī Unleashes Fiery New Single “No Sense”

London-based newcomer Kanashī unleashes fiery new single “No Sense”.

After watching peers make their mark within music, 19 year-old East Londoner Kanashī quietly worked on his craft and made his debut at the beginning of the year with the hard hitting “2 Days In”. 2020 was meant to be a year filled with opportunities for the rapper, however the global pandemic proved otherwise. He returns with fiery new single “No Sense”, an alt-drill track with sprinkles of trap metal produced by friend and producer 6sezen. The song was inspired by a bad week at college where rumours were going around about him and it didn’t make no sense to him. He chose music as a way to retaliate to those rumours. Press play.

Stream “No Sense” below:

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Photo Credit: Inka Czaková

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