Kami Leonne Releases New EP ‘No Use Seducing Time’

Congolese dark R&B artist Kami Leonne showcases her versatility on new EP No Use Seducing Time.

It’s been just over a year since we were introduced to Congolese singer-songwriter Kami Leonne’s music, and in that year the newcomer has made significant progress as a vocalist and as a songwriter. Following up on her 2020 debut EP Promises, as well as releases such as the trap-infused R&B banger “OUH” and the late night vibe “Halayla”, she recently released her second EP No Use Seducing Time. The five track EP effortlessly combines multiple genres such as R&B, trap and afrobeat with sprinkles of Latin and Arabic music somewhere in between.

“I experienced a lot of heartache, loss and uncertainty. I remember wishing I could-fast forward, because I felt stuck. I also ironically found myself wanting more time. I felt that life had simply changed too quickly”Kami Leonne.

Exuding confidence and coming from a culture that doesn’t let women discuss their sexuality, Kami Leonne is a breath of fresh air, furthermore, she’s a role model for Congolese women who often feel they need to follow their tradition instead of expressing themselves. Kami touches on several topics such as mental health and grievance on the title track “N.U.S.T.”, bares her soul and shows her vulnerable side on songs such as “Pacify” and “Stay With Me”. All of these topics are easily relatable to listeners, and you instantly connect with the song, and its lyrics while you listen. Standout track “Like Yours” is where Kami truly showcases her potential— her alluring vocals float beautifully over a stunning afrobeat production where she sings in four different languages. Overall, No Use Seducing Time is a solid effort with a melancholic vibe that ends with an uplifting vibe.

Stream No Use Seducing Time below:

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