Lauren Dejey Returns With New Single “Blackout”

London-based singer-songwriter Lauren Dejey returns with emotionally-driven new single “Blackout”.

One of the main reasons why I created DiscoverNü was to give emerging artists such as Lauren Dejey an opportunity to showcase their music to an audience who love discovering new artists— whether it’s a write up, a playlist addition or a booking for a gig, I feel it’s important to continuously support independent artists any way we can. London’s filled with a plethora of talented artists, however not many bring a refreshing alternative pop sound here in London quite like Lauren Dejey. She’s made a triumphant return with her latest release “Blackout”. Built over a gorgeous production, Dejey’s vocals are brilliant and lyrically she explores being vulnerable and honest about an uncomfortable stage in her life where she kept going out, drinking and blacking out. Beautifully-written, melodic and emotionally-driven, “Blackout” instantly connects with you.

Stream “Blackout” below:

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