Josh Lambert Shares Genre-Bending Heartfelt Track “On and On”

Bay Area native Josh Lambert shares genre-bending heartfelt track “On and On”.

Expressing the struggle of heartbreak and hopefulness in recovery, emerging artist Josh Lambert explores his alternative rock side on his latest release “On and On”, a single that deviates from his hip-hop and trap-infused previous single “Saturday Girl”. Despite the emotional undertones, the lyrics are optimistic and the overall vibe of the song is energetic. If you like “Up, Up & Away” by Kid Cudi, you’re going to love this.

“I never want to be limited by genre. ‘On and On’ is my first single of 2020 in the alternative realm and it feels more authentic. I will continue to make different genres of music, but the style of this one feels right” — Lambert.

Stream “On and On” below:

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