Sky Keller Shares Captivating New Single “High & Hurt”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Sky Keller shares her captivating new single “High & Hurt”.

Listening to a previously released single such as the excellent “Don’t Get It”, you’d be surprised to find out that an artist as promising as Sky Keller is still unknown to many music lovers out there. Her new single “High & Hurt” is another captivating single which infuses indie and electronic music with sprinkles of pop effortlessly. The song itself captures the essence and that feeling you have for a stranger when really, you didn’t expect to feel anything at all. Keller showcases her unique songwriting ability, however the real winner here is her gorgeous voice — it’s one destined for the top. This is a vibe we’ll have on repeat, and you should definitely add this to your playlists.

Stream “High & Hurt” below:

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Photo Credit: Paul (@pmg15.jpg)

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