Jarlentji Releases Introspective New Single “Free Fall”

Dutch singer-songwriter Jarlentji releases introspective new single “Free Fall”.

Hailing from the Netherlands with Dutch and Moluccan roots, singer, songwriter and producer Jarlentji’s music is described as alternative R&B and pop, while incorporating elements of her early influences— her father is a professional drummer and fusion musician. Inspired by diverse genres of music ranging from classical to flamenco, jazz, soul, funk and salsa, she has developed her own unique sound which combines R&B, pop, hip-hop and electronic music. Her latest offering “Free Fall” is a beautifully-sung song with introspective lyrics about being at a point in life where you feel stuck and start to question your own dreams and potential. This is a sentiment many listeners will be able to relate to, especially during these bleak times for creatives and musicians around the world. Despite being just over 4 minutes long in duration, “Free Fall” is an engaging song built over a gorgeous electronic-driven R&B production with breathtaking melodies throughout.

“So many of us are held back by our fears or forget about our goals. We let time pass us by, while our time is the most valuable thing we have. With this song, I hope to make people reconsider why they don’t take a chance, and hopefully inspire them to take a Free Fall” — Jarlentji.

Stream “Free Fall” below:

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Photo Credit: DAPAROHU

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