CHASE ATLANTIC Unveil Latest Single “SLIDE”

Los Angeles-based and Australian-born trio CHASE ATLANTIC unveil their latest single “SLIDE”.

Although on a personal level we’ve been fans of the trio since they emerged on to the scene, please forgive us for not posting enough CHASE ATLANTIC on DiscoverNü— we have been sleeping, but now we’re awake. Their excellent new single “SLIDE” is taken from their long awaited forthcoming album BEAUTY IN DEATH which is out on 5th March 2021. “SLIDE” is a flawless track which combines multiple genres such as alternative R&B, trap and pop really well, everything is gold here. Its catchy lyrics and infectious vocal performances built over a captivating production makes this one of the best songs we’ve heard so far this year. The accompanying music video was shot in LA and features psychedelic imagery where the trio is surrounded by mountain scenes. 2021 may be the year CHASE ATLANTIC finally get the breakthrough they deserve.

“Slide delves into a metaphoric, yet very personal realm filled with chaos, danger and brutal honesty. Living such a fast-paced, reckless lifestyle is bound to come with negative consequences, but nonetheless with the right amount of daring confidence and the ability to bounce back no matter the circumstance; it will always be just that for Chase Atlantic- a lifestyle” — CHASE ATLANTIC.

Stream “SLIDE” below:





Photo Credit: Jordan Kelsey Knight

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