J.Lamotta Shares New Single “Can’t Refuse”

Berlin-based artist and producer J.Lamotta shares new single “Can’t Refuse”.

Born in Tel Aviv to a family with Moroccan roots, the now Berlin-based artist and producer J.Lamotta has released a brand new single titled “Can’t Refuse”. The single marks a new direction for the emerging star, who infuses R&B with soulful harmonies and sprinkles of hip-hop with its hard hitting production, creating a vibrant single that’s worth a listen. The single is taken from her brand new EP Brand New Choice and is accompanied by a visually-striking music video.

“At some point in life, I realised that I wasn’t fully accepting myself; maybe I was obeying a taboo and trying to set a so-called “good” example. I went a long way to be able to embrace my sexuality, and I wish that everyone who faces a similar thing will be able to discover the liberty that comes with accepting your desires” — J.Lamotta.

Stream “Can’t Refuse” below:

Watch the music video below:

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