Space Captain Unveil New Single “Back of My Mind”

Brooklyn-based psych-soul group Space Captain unveil new single “Back of My Mind”.

“Back of My Mind” marks the return of Brooklyn-based psych-soul group Space Captain since the release of their debut album All Flowers In Time. Released alongside “Secret Garden”, the single is a beautifully-sung and well-written R&B song utilising a constant groove from bassist/producer Alex Pyle to mirror the consistency and effortless simplicity of the relationships at the heart of the track.

“It captures whatever defines home for the listener, whether that space is found in nature, in an apartment or in one’s own mind as a collection of their memories”, she explains, “It’s not the physical space but rather the feeling that is created by holding onto something that feels entirely your own”Maralisa Simmons-Cook.

Stream “Back of My Mind” below:

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Photo Credit: Lissyelle Laricchia

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