Introducing Alt-Pop Artist Daisy Punch

We had a chat with London-based emerging alternative pop artist Daisy Punch.

We get hundreds of submissions everyday and the majority of those submissions almost sound the same. There’s a lot of unsigned artists out there struggling to find their own sound so they attempt to emulate the stars they look up to. Alternative pop artist Daisy Punch has a unique sound that has a nostalgic vibe with her own clever twist. It’s a brave choice for a young artist to go against the modern sound we’re often fed, but one that deserves a lot of respect from music listeners.

In 2013 Beth Powell moved from her hometown of Stevenage to pursue music in London, where she met producer and collaborator Josh Vine. Now based in South East London, the emerging artist has been quietly working alongside Vine, and refining the melancholic and stylised sound of Daisy Punch. Her latest single “Daytime” is an electrifying song with a lot of replay value, and one that would probably sound awesome live. There’s no doubt Daisy Punch is an artist with immense potential, and for this reason we had the opportunity to have a little chat with her.

Read our interview below:

How are you doing?

I’m doing good thank you (considering the current chaos!).

What have you been up to during lockdown?

Well just before a lot of shops closed I managed to buy a set of paints and paper. So I had the idea to try to paint something everyday. I’m definitely no artist! but I’ve found it really helpful to do something new thats creative and reflective. Otherwise I’ve been chilling, organising my release and writing some new music ideas.

Sounds good! You moved to London from Stevenage at the age of 18, how’s the capital treating you?

I love London, I’ve been lucky and lived in a few different areas. South East London is probably my favourite part and where I’ve been for the longest and feel most attached to. There’s a lot of life and culture in London and there’s always something creative happening not far from you. A down side for me is the cost! it’s madly expensive and sometimes it can be kinda overwhelming especially traveling in the busy central areas.

That’s so true — very expensive indeed. On a scale of 1 to 10 how scared were you to move to London?

I actually don’t remember being scared, a bit nervous but mainly more excited. I was definitely craving a big change. Also it helped that Stevenage is pretty close by so it’s somewhere I would visit a lot growing up.

You’re inspired by the music of bands like Massive Attack and Portishead, are there any recent artists out there that inspire you?

100%. I love Lana del Rey’s recent stuff a lot, she always creates such a strong atmosphere in every track which definitely inspires me. Grimes is another inspiring artist to me, she’s got a really unique sound and doesn’t hold back. A few other artists I’ve been loving lately are: baebadoobe, Big Thief, Princess Nokia and Chynna.

Nice! Rest in peace Chynna. How would you describe your music to a stranger?

Dream like Pop melodies tied to a dark immersive sound.

Your new single “Daytime” is amazing, it reminds me of the late 90’s, early 00’s. Talk me through the creative process of this gem.

Thank you! I love lots of music from the 90s /early 00’s and I love the 90s in general, I was slightly obsessed with Buffy The Vampire Slayer which could be why. I remember this track came about quickly, the chord progression came first and a lot of the melodies and lyrics were written in one session. It was one of those songs that came together really naturally. I wrote ‘Daytime’ with singer/songwriter Josh Vine.

Shout out to Josh Vine! What message are you trying to convey on the song?

Basically I wrote the song based on my past experiences, as a sorta sly fuck you to people that have tried to put me in a box or control me. It’s about coming out of a confusing time/ situation and finding clarity and self assurance. I want to convey the message of trusting yourself and owning a situation. It definitely also comes from a place of feeling frustrated with society’s restrictions.

I love that! Can we expect any visuals for this single?

Yeah. I have always envisioned a music video for this track, I have the finished concept for it. But with everything thats going on it will most likely take longer than I had thought. Or I will tweak the idea to suit lockdown life a bit more. But I’ll definitely a video out within the next few weeks.

Nice! What else do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Hopefully getting out of the house at some point! I miss the cinema of all places! I am going to continue writing and creating, not 100% on the date yet but plan on releasing an EP later this year.

Stream “Daytime” below:

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Photo Credit: Anya Boleyn

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