Meet Emerging Star Fabian Secon

Earlier this year, March to be precise I managed to have a conversation with one of the hottest emerging acts in the UK. Fabian Secon is a naturally gifted versatile singer-songwriter and producer from London. And, he’s an artist you should watch closely.

Read our conversation below.

Hey Fabian, how are you doing?

Not bad yourself?

Nice. I’m all good thanks. Whereabouts in London are you based?

South London, Brixton.

Your sound is quite unique in a city that’s heavily driven by Afro-Swing, Grime and Drill music, what inspired you to step out of the box?

Growing up around different types of music at home definitely helped that. I also find sounding like every else or copying trends boring to me. 

I did a little research on your family history, your father is actually a musician too, a Grammy nominated musician. Did he play a part in you taking up music seriously?

As a child I was always around the sessions he would be in. I didn’t take much notice of everything in great detail to be honest as I didn’t ever know I wanted to do it myself. I guess it was bound to happen though. 

As an emerging act, I know he’s your father and all but what’s it like working with someone who has received a lot of accolades in his career?

For me it was always about listening to advice and the skills that I was being taught. Of course it’s inspiring and it makes me want to be even more successful. 

For sure. You’ve released two EP’s; “Don’t Disturb” in 2016 and “Until We Meet Again” with 5iveBeatz last year. They were both musically alternative R&B projects, but recently your music has combined R&B, trap and rock well, is that the sound you’re going for from now on?

All of the music is me. Right now I feel like I’ve refined my sound more but I still have different sides to my music. I never like to make two songs that sound the same. 

What inspired you to go for that sound?

Just what I was feeling at the time really. That’s where I was musically at that time. 

On “Defeated” you interpolate the memorable chorus of the Wheatus’ song “Teenage Dirtbag”, growing up who were some of your favourite rock bands?

I like some Coldplay, The Fray, Evanescence. 

Okay. In your opinion do you think rock music will ever be as popular as it used to be?

I’m not sure. I think there will always be fans of rock all over the world as it connects with many many people. 

Right, let’s talk about how you make your music. How would you describe your music making process?

I either make the beat myself or would have the beat there. If I’m inspired by it, which I usually know pretty quickly, I then freestyle melodies over it. Then I finish the words after if I think it has potential. 

The production for your music is pleasing to the ear for someone like myself, who handles most of your production?

Recently it’s been me a lot but if not then usually my dad, or Mintman. 

Would you call yourself a perfectionist?

Very much so. I’m very fussy with my music but you have to be if you want to keep up the standard of work. 

Definitely. You released “Blood Kisses” in December 2017 and you recently released “Nowhere” – are you planning on releasing another project this year?

Nothing is planned right now but you never know. 

Do you plan on releasing more visuals this year?

I’m just about to release “Blood Kisses” and “Defeated”. This year there will be many. 

Do you think music videos are still important in this era?

They are key. More so for YouTube than for TV but they are very important. They give people a chance to get a real impression of an artist and a different way of picturing the song. 

True. What artists are you currently listening to at the moment?

There’s never really like one artist I’m listening to really, it’s more just one off songs I like at certain times. I’ve been listening to; Gunna, Young Thug, Lil Baby, Sneakbo, Lil Yachty, Trippie Redd and more. 

Would you work with any of them?

Yeah if it’s genuine and they really feel my music of course. Trippie Redd out of those artists I think would be the best fit. 

Do you have any upcoming shows?

Nothing concrete. I may be performing at something in Paris but not sure yet. 

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