Meet The Mysterious Duo Darci

I stumbled on Darci’s music two years ago — it was a strange and dark period in my life, and hearing their addictive debut single “Come Around” brightened whatever thought I had in my head back then. Their music has become the soundtrack to my life, 4 out of their 5 singles were on my top 5 most played songs on Spotify this year. 

Let me introduce you to Darci. 

First of all, what’s the origin of the name Darci?

It started from a password we used to use to exchange files. it’s also a name that represents past figures in our lives, a sense of nostalgia, particularly past loves. Also just so happens it means “Dark One” in some cultures and our music is all about nocturnal so it all just made a lot of sense and stuck.

Before dropping your debut single “Come Around”, when did you form Darci? How did you meet?

We met back in high school. Kids knew one of us for singing and freestyling and the other for producing mash ups/beats, so it just made sense to link. We’ve been making music for awhile together, different styles, we also used to DJ together back in the day. We were really into Drum and Bass, Garage, Dubstep, House, stuff like that. About 3 years ago we just started mixing elements of those genres with Hip hop and R&B. From there we started experimenting with vocals which led to us making “Come Around”. When we made that track we knew we found a sound we wanted to run with. “Come Around” was made in one night and it was the first Darci track we ever made. We built on the sound and style from there.

That’s amazing. You’ve been mysterious from the beginning, do you plan on revealing yourselves any time soon?

We will certainly reveal more as we go. Stay tuned. 

Looking forward to it. The Darci Skull Cat is an intriguing logo, what was the driving force behind that creation?

We wanted to make something that was cute yet menacing. The skull cat captured that. We also wanted a thematic idea that we could share with different visual artists to inspire pieces around the project. The skull cat concept seems to really spark some cool work. We are excited to share more of what we’ve been collabing on with visual artists.

Your music blends R&B, Hip hop and electronic music beautifully, but which one of those genres of music do you consider your work to be?

We just make what we like. Genre isn’t really too much of a concern. With that said, all of those genres are certainly in play and it really depends on the record.

I understand. Who are some of your major influences in todays music?

Love Underoath specifically their album “They’re Only Chasing Safety”. Also love The Postal Service. It’s a wide range, everything from bands like those to Skrillex, Virtual Self, Camo & Crooked as well as  Post Malone, Travis Scott, and Drake. Best place to get an idea of vibes we are feeling is our “Full Effect Radio” playlist on Spotify, making one on Apple Music too.

If you could collaborate with one of those artists, who would it be?

Depends on the day. Today the answer is Post Malone.


His new album is great. Feel like he is a versatile artist that could catch a lot of different vibes.

Sure. Another development I’ve noticed is your songwriting, there’s been a huge improvement in my honest opinion. Could you briefly describe your songwriting process?

Thank you. Every Darci track is basically finished in one night. Normally we start from scratch, while the beat is being produced the writing comes together. Once the beat is close to being finished the writing is normally finished too. Then we lay it down. The songwriting is typically pretty abstract, based off a collection of little instances of memories or feelings that come to mind around the vibe of the production. We like to leave things open for interpretation and we hope people apply the songs to themselves in their own ways for their own stories.

The vocal effects on your songs seem to fit the production really well, was this something you intended to do from the start?

Vocal chains and effects are very important, it’s always been a focus.

Whenever I listen to your music I get nocturnal vibes and lyrically I hear emotional undertones, even with “Seeing Colors” — do you think the themes for most of your songs will change in the future?

Depends on the day, depends on the production. We just make what we feel. Time will tell what changes.

True. “Don’t Ask” was our number 1 song of 2017 (on the old DiscoverNü blog). Everything about that track is excellent, the bass-heavy production, the Pham sample and the exquisite vocals. Amazing. What inspired you guys to create that song?

Thank you so much for that. That Pham sample pitched made for a perfect backbone to lay down those bouncy 808s. When the chords are good, writing is very easy. Wrote the hook and verse very quick. Laid it down in one take. The track was natural to make and that comes across which is why I think people enjoy it. It’s a goal to catch vibes like that every time we are in the studio.

Amazing. You tweeted some time in December 2017 that you plan on doing live shows, more videos and release more music this year. What else can we expect from Darci? A full project perhaps?

2018 has been a wild year so far, it’s been a learning experience playing our first shows and continuing to explore ourselves creatively. We are still in full force working on a Darci project, however we are taking our time. We hope our fans and friends can understand the delay. Promise we have some really exciting stuff on the way and we appreciate everyone staying tuned. For us it’s all about quality over quantity & aiming for the best of both.

Take your time, patience is a virtue. Will there be any videos for the previously released singles or do you intend on releasing videos for newer songs?


Great. Your fan base is growing in the UK, do you plan on performing over here this year? Or will your live shows be solely in North America for now?

Would love to come to the UK, we just started working with United Talent Agency so hopefully we will link something soon.

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