Hunter Moreau — Sleepyhead

Rising pop songstress Hunter Moreau returns with new single “Sleepyhead”

Having gained traction last year with her captivating single “Hazy”, rising pop songstress Hunter Moreau is ready to make waves in the music industry with her stunning new single “Sleepyhead”. Known for stepping outside her comfort zone to express the most vulnerable parts of herself, captivating listeners along the year, the artist hailing from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts is one of the most promising artists in pop music today.

Her latest offering “Sleepyhead” details the games your mind can play with you, and how your mind can seem like this scary and crazy thing you can’t control at times, but it really is something we’ve all built ourself based on our own ways of thinking. Moreau’s vocals are breathtaking throughout, flowing beautifully over the gorgeous production to create a captivating indie pop track with replay value.

She creates bright indie pop music that sticks and connects with listeners, Hunter Moreau has the potential to be a star. She also features on our Emerging List [Ones to Watch In 2022].

Stream “Sleepyhead” below:

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