Hidden Gems: Recent Discoveries

These hidden gems have gone under the radar

Spent the past few months looking for exciting new artists online (SoundCloud, Spotify, TikTok etc) and offline (showcases, networking events, etc). We’ve compiled an eclectic list of emerging artists we think you should be listening to right now.

This list includes artists who are still developing their own sound as well as those who have already showcased their unique sound and potential in the past year. As always, we had a strong preference for artists with music that connected with us lyrically, sonically, and emotionally.

Sheldvn — Tujunga

Los Angeles-based artist Sheldvn dropped “Tujunga” towards the end of April, and we’re surprised this song is not on a million streams on Spotify. The production slaps, and his melodic rap vocals effortlessly flows over it to create a vibrant rap track with mainstream appeal.

FFO: Post Malone, FRVFRIDAY, anders etc.

Yamiko x DUNN.cruel — BYK

Cape Town-based singer-songwriter Yamiko already looks and sounds like a star. On her latest offering “BYK”, R&B-meets-drill track featuring DUNN.cruel, she showcases her delicate vocals and introspective lyrics.

FFO: Samaria, Jhené Aiko, Kaien Cruz etc.

Jada O’Neill — Waves

Leicester-based artist Jada O’Neill released her gorgeous debut single “Waves” back in February, and we’re so glad we’ve discovered this hidden gem. She bares her soul on the R&B track as she touches on relationship difficulties.

FFO: Samaria, Olivia Nelson, Amy Winehouse etc.

Satomaa — Alternate

Despite it being just over a year old, we had to include “Alternate” by Satomaa. The hip-hop track not only showcases her rapping ability, it also gives listeners a glimpse of her singing ability too— which is brilliant.

FFO: BLESSED, Sampa The Great, Little Simz etc.

Amani Lia — Tit 4 Tat

Hailing from Hertfordshire, UK, Amani Lia is a multi-talented artist, actress and creator. Her second single “Tit 4 Tat” is an impressive track which effortlessly combines alternative R&B and Neo-Soul.

FFO: Cleo Sol, ELIZA, Jaz Karis etc.

Seint Monet — Wish I had the Guts

Found Seint Monet’s music via an ad on Instagram, I had to tap in and and I discovered the gem “Wish I Had the Guts”. It’s catchy, beautifully-written and fits the current pop soundscape.

FFO: BEL, girlhouse, Lolo Zouaï etc.

Godly the Ruler x Groupthink — dog days

Hailing from Madison, Godly the Ruler is another emerging artist effortlessly infusing hip-hop and pop punk sonics to create their own unique sound. Their song “dog days” is evident of that.

FFO: Tom The Mail Man, Brevin Kim, Paris Texas etc.

Sherif XR — ADDY & NIC

Sadly, there isn’t much information about Sherif XR online— we don’t even know where he’s from, but what we do know is that he’s a talented artist with immense potential. His track “ADDY & NIC” combines hyperpop, indie and emo rap with elements of electronic to create a vibrant track that details his experience with adderall and nicotine.

FFO: Aries, Brevin Kim, tmdistant etc.

B4thursday — Suicide

B4thursday is another artist that has left their artist bio section on Spotify pretty much empty. However, his track “Suicide” is a vibrant cloud rap track with lyrics most listeners who love this style of music will be able to resonate with.

FFO: Brenna Savage, Paris Shadows, midwxst etc.

ryderoncrack x Chris Miles — bloodsuckers

Los Angeles-based artist and producer ryderoncrack grabbed my attention with his provocative artwork for “bloodsuckers”, I knew I had to press play and man was I impressed when I finished listening to it. Infusing rap, indie, pop and electronic into one, the underrated artist is one of the most unique artists we’ve discovered this year. Let’s hope he generates traction soon.

FFO: Jany Green, EKKSTACY, Oliver Malcolm etc.

Aldae — Safe Word

This song has been in my personal playlist since late April, and I recently discovered Aldae aka Gregory Hein is a GRAMMY-nominated artist and songwriter from Texas who has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes and Machine Gun Kelly. His own work is impressive, especially “Safe Word”— a trap-infused alternative pop song where he showcases in penmanship as well as his stunning vocals.

FFO: Dutch Melrose, Trevor Daniel, MASN etc.

Strange Alias — Love Like You

Discovered this amazing alternative R&B track a few weeks after my birthday. Singapore-born singer, songwriter and polymath Strange Alias delivers a breathtaking vocal performance on “Love Like You”. It’s the type of song you listen to when you reminiscent that special person in your life, or the one that got away. Check this dude out, he’s really good.

FFO: Shaker, BRIDGE, Aaryan Shah etc.

Yazmine MB — Stayin’ In

London-based singer-songwriter Yazmine MB showcases her soulful vocals on her jazz-tinged latest offering “Stayin’ In”, a song she’s been pushing hard on TikTok. Despite her young age, she already sounds like a seasoned vet— keep your eyes on her if you love R&B.

Featured image: Sheldvn

WRKHOUSE — Getaway