Harvey Marwood Drops Impressive Debut EP ‘Cognition’

17 year-old emerging Kent-based rapper Harvey Marwood drops impressive debut EP Cognition.

We’re currently living in an era where lyricism is often overlooked by most music listeners. Even in general day to day to life, individuals with a higher intelligence struggle to feel accepted in many circles and are at times labelled as ‘smarty pants’ which in turn leads a lot of them to dumb it down just to fit in. 17 year-old Harvey Marwood is not only a highly skilled rapper, he’s also an intelligent young man who (if you’ve followed him closely) tends to make moves by himself. He’s wise beyond his young age, which is no surprise why many people older than him may feel threatened by his come up.

Having made a name for himself with solid offerings in the past year such as the drill-infused “No Time” and the more commercially-appealing “Gimme That”, Marwood has finally released his debut EP Cognition after spending time balancing school work and real life events. He shines throughout the EP with dynamic and introspective lyricism which touches on emotion and exploration of his own personal experiences as well as mental state over hard hitting and compelling rap beats.

“I was very intrinsically motivated and influenced to create this project for myself before I had plans to release it to fans; I wanted to create a body of work that I could be proud of, and that would reflect my personal qualities and life so far, and still be relevant in years to come”.Harvey Marwood.

With its socially conscious vibe delivered with some of the most impressive lyricism you’ll hear from a teenager, Cognition is the ideal project for genuine hip-hop fans who seek honest words with emotional undertones over fictional lyrics we’re often force-fed today. The standout track “Radiation” featuring our very own HEN$HAW is arguably one of the best rap collaboration you’ll hear this year. Although there a few missteps on the EP, overall Cognition is a solid project Harvey Marwood should be proud of, and one which will place him in a list of emerging UK rappers to keep your eyes on.

Stream Cognition EP below:

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