Flowery Beard Reflects On New Song “Overdose”

London-based French-Haitian singer-songwriter Flowery Beard reflects on new song “Overdose”.

Born in Haiti, Flowery Beard immigrated to France at the age of 10 and eventually relocated to London to develop as an artist and finish recording his debut EP. Known for sharing his stories to listeners in order to make them feel better, the newcomer cites the likes of Bob Marley, Frank Ocean and Kanye West as influences—on his latest offering “Overdose”, you can hear how those three artists have inspired him. “Overdose” is a reflective song about how your parent’s life experience can affect yours built over a gorgeous lo-fi hip-hop production with sprinkles of alternative R&B and reggae. Flowery Beard delivers a smooth and easy listening song sung in French which will resonate with many listeners, who can understand the language.

“I was raised by a single mother who did everything she thought was right for her children, but I could tell that something that could fix her was missing around. Since, I believe that having the person you truly love by your side, can bring a kind of balance in your life. I tried to love and fell for girls that showed me that, sometimes love can also hurt. Especially when you did not feel the same way. So, I stopped looking for love and obviously it hurt more. Then I realised that what we were sharing wasn’t love but an overdose of bad drugs” Flowery Beard.

Stream “Overdose” below:

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