Fresh Sounds [13/11/2020]

Although it’s Friday the 13th, we have good news for you— below is a selection of some of our favourite new songs this week. These songs are also available on our main playlist THE NÜ. If you love discovering new talents, then make sure you’re following and checking out the artists we select on there.

Imoni — Hide & Seek

Essex singer-songwriter IMONI only recently started creating music again after a 3 year hiatus, and “Hide & Seek” is her second release since then. The song details the dark side of your childhood dreams that you never once knew existed.

HEYMAN — Your Love Is A Drug

Not much is known about HEYMAN, but his new single “Your Love Is A Drug” is a catchy number with replay value which falls within the emo and cloud rap lane.


BLVTH has become one of our favourite acts, and one we feel is criminally underrated. His new single is a surefire hit which will go off live.

Ethan Ross — Vertigo

LA native Ethan Ross has reintroduced himself with new single “Vertigo”, a moody poppy emo rap sound worth a listen.

Tropic — Down

Brooklyn-based duo Tropic return with new single “Down”— blending R&B and electronic vibes, the song is written from the perspective of someone forced to grow up too soon.

James Alphonese — We Can Do Better

Filled with heavy, dark synths and falsetto melodies and light, catchy guitar riffs, Canadian artist James Alphonse impresses on his new single “We Can Do Better”.

Alichè — Could You?

London-based singer-songwriter Alichè returns with “Could You”, a stunning new single which falls in the R&B/Soul genres with a nostalgic vibe.

Frenetik — Chaos

Belgian rapper Frenetik is the most exciting Francophone rapper on the planet, he’s back with another solid effort titled “Chaos”, his first release since signing with Epic Records France.

Sam Ezeh — Bonsai Love

“Bonsai Love” is the self-produced new single by Swedish artist Sam Ezeh, the follow up from his debut single “CRISIS”.

Featured image: IMONI

Blackneeyz x Shai Sevin — Reach