Fresh Sounds [03/06/2022]

Check out some of our favourite new releases.

Led by the extremely talented Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Bavé, who’s released another outstanding single “Mildest High”, our fresh sounds list is eclectic as always. Canadian rising star EKKSTACY showcases his versatility on the indie rock anthem “I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING”, a song we had the opportunity to hear live last month at the Camden Assembly. The much slept-on Australian artist and producer Tj Loft returns with the excellent “This is not my die of a party”— an indie pop track with mainstream appeal. These songs also feature on our main playlist THE NÜ on Spotify— you can follow the playlist here.

Bavé — Mildest High


Tj Loft — This is not my idea of a party

K-SI Yang — Don’t Need You

EMI x Snoozegod — help from my friends

Cherrie B. — Don’t Interrupt

Featured Image: Bavé

Photo Credit: Alex Urombi

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