Forts — The Chemist

Phoenix-based alt-pop trio Forts share new single “The Chemist”

Rising Phoenix-based alt-pop trio Forts make their DNü debut with stunning new single “The Chemist”. Built over a gritty reggae-infused electronic production and laced with with stunning vocal melodies throughout, the song paints the singer Mars, as the chemist, struggling to tame the chemical monster that she hides from the world. Mars delivers a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance which also flows beautifully over the production— and thanks to its relatable lyrical content, they have released a captivating track which will appeal to both mainstream and underground music lovers.

“The Chemist is basically my way of personifying the nightmare that is PMDD, as a grotesque monster that my little chemist of a brain/body manages to conjure up…knowing how alone I’ve felt through it makes me feel like it’s kind of my duty to talk about it since it’s so often mistaken for regular depression. 1 in 20 women are affected by this, yet hardly anyone talks about it”Mars.

Stream “The Chemist” below:

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