Five Minutes With Singer-Songwriter Glorynade

Growing up in East London the young Glorynade was heavily influenced by a fusion of sounds such as Gospel, Jazz, as well as Soul and R&B music. She’s been singing at her Church choir since the age of 12, developing a bright and powerful voice heard in her music today.

Her official debut single “Better” (which was our number 1 song of 2018) is a flawless and exceptional song that has sadly gone under the radar. Many of us can relate to the songs content which is sung beautifully with emotion reminiscent of the likes of Adele, Gabrielle and Leona Lewis.

I had a brief conversation with Glorynade about the song. Read below:

When did you first fall in love with music? 

Music was always a big thing in my house, different music from Jazz, Gospel, most genres I was first introduced to was from by what I would hear my parents would be listening to.

You grew up singing in your Church choir, do you feel like doing this gave you the confidence to pursue a career as an artist?

I definitely would say it did, only because it probably was the first place I sang on stage and the audience in my Church was quite daunting for me so I felt if I could conquer that stage then I could sing on stage anywhere. 

I can imagine it being daunting. “Better” was on our main playlist The Nü for four weeks, a joint record with two other songs. But do you feel as though as you got the support you wanted? 

To be honest I’m surprised at the support I had received and I am very grateful. This was like the first ever single I have released and I understand that I am just introducing myself to the music scene and the audience don’t know me yet. I have so much music I’m working on and going to share through the year. 

Sure. What was the inspiration behind “Better”?

So “Better” was inspired by some of the convos I’ve had with my friends and  with myself. Sometimes we get so used to being treated a certain way or thinking in a way and we know it’s not right or healthy but we accept these toxic relationship / situationships, thoughts because that’s what we know and familiar with but after a while it comes to a point of realisation and you know you deserve so much more and when you make that decisions you will have no regrets.

Therefore you deserve better than the situation you’re in, I love that. Talk me through the songwriting process. 

I write in 2 ways, it’s either I freestyle and the words come out or I develop a melody and then add the lyrics to the melody. I don’t like to stress to much about writing because then it doesn’t feel natural and when I get stuck I leave it and come back to it later. I would say I’m an emotional writer and I write about what I’m going through and what people around me are going through it’s like an outlet to let what I feeling.

The production is really good too, how did you and the producer connect? 

I’m always looking for beats online YouTube and SoundCloud normally. But another singer told me about a site called beatstars and it’s literally the first time I went on the site, I found the beat on the feed page. I started clicking on beats and I think the instrumental was named “Hard Liquor”. There was 2 other beats I heard and I loved it.

You put in work. Do you have any plans on releasing a music video for the single? 

I was going to but I think I’m going to do an acoustic version of the song and will have a video for that, but you never a video is still doable. 

For sure. I read a lot of tweets of people addressing their opinions on the lack of support for UK R&B artists, however when a great single such as “Better” is released, it’s crickets, silence. Do you often feel like you’re competing with what’s popular instead of other talented acts such as yourself? 

I don’t think or feel like I’m competing but I just know that people just jump on the wave and people are always going to gravitate to what is viral or popular at the time, which may only last for a certain period of time. I want to focus on being relevant and having longevity as a whole. 

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Photography by @itsmynoriega

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