New Music: Friday Picks

It’s Friday, the best day of the week and the day when most artists release their music. We’ve compiled a list of standout singles you should check out.

Che Lingo — Kind of a Love Song

Che Lingo has just dropped a solid project titled Sensitive, and “Kind of a Love Song” is the standout song.

Ella Vos — Temporary

“Temporary” is another slick and polished pop song by the amazing Ella Vos. Has she ever released a bad song?

RikShaw — Spellbound

Rising star RikShaw proves that Ireland has so many hidden gems with this compelling sad boy anthem.

Shy Girls — This Is Your World

“This Is Your World” is another strong release by the alternative R&B artist Shy Girls. Vibes.

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Featured image: Che Lingo

YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB x tmdistant — Lose Our Minds