Finn Foxell — Leaders

West London’s Finn Foxell marks the start of a new era with anthemic new single “Leaders”

One of the UK’s best emerging rap artist, Finn Foxell follows up his most recent EP Alright Sunshine with his brand new song “Leaders”, a guitar-driven track co-written and produced by Jacob Manson. The West London rapper showcases his developing sound and captures his boldness as he forges on into uncharted waters. The lyrics of “Leaders” straddle serious and playful with a nod to the current state of politics in the UK.

It’s always refreshing to hear a young artist take centre stage and kind of become the voice of frustrated youths in the UK’s inner cities. “Leaders” is not only powerful lyrically, it’s also an anthemic and enjoyable song that will open up mosh pits wherever he performs. In fact, his ‘What’s Your Poison’ UK tour kicks off on 20th October in Glasgow and finishes in London 5th November.

“The song when making it I didn’t have any political motive, but right now it feels like something needs to be said and the chaos of this record gave me room for that, to show the lack of faith in our leaders and government, from the eyes of my generation at least. There’s a lot of frustration right now from all corners of our society except the top, they seem to just fuck about like bored spoilt kids whilst we all decline. Boris actually stepped down a couple of months after but that’s why it’s called Leaders, plural, whoever follows him will just become another trickster with a mask on.. and they all judge us. This song reflects the general lack of faith in our political system, it’s a house of clowns in my eyes, tricky because they’re dangerous ones.” — Finn Foxell.

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