burningforestboy — TEENAGE RIHANNA

Mysterious South African artist and producer burningforestboy releases infectious new single “TEENAGE RIHANNA”

The mysterious South African artist and producer burningforestboy has been making waves with his infectious sound which sits somewhere between hip-hop and R&B with sprinkles of soul and trap. Earlier this year he made history as he became the first South African artist to feature on the cover of Spotify’s global playlist Fresh Finds. Today, he returns with his captivating new single “TEENAGE RIHANNA”— a must listen for fans of trap-soul beats and dreamy vocals.

There’s something special about burningforestboy, he knows how to draw you in with his mesmerising vocals— there’s a reason why many are calling him South Africa’s hottest emerging artist right now. This morning I realised I had been listening to this song for an hour straight. Although “TEENAGE RIHANNA” has a melancholic vibe like most of his songs, which we love— there’s something sincere here lyrically. Soothing vocals and brilliant production as he pays homage to a woman most of us had a crush on growing up. burningforestboy is the future, do not gate-keep this artist, we need him to blow up asap no rocky— pun intended.

Stream “TEENAGE RIHANNA” below:

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