EMMA SEE — Dancing Alone

London-based singer-songwriter EMMA SEE shares new single “Dancing Alone”

Raised in the Danish countryside to a painter and a bronze-caster, EMMA SEE relocated to the UK in her late teens to pursue a career in music— she’s currently based in London. She has worked with producers from all around the world since she’s been here, even going as far as attracting the attention of collaborators behind Lana del Rey and Gabrielle Aplin.

Last year, she made her DNü debut with the stunning electronic pop single “Thinking About It”, she’s back almost a year later with her latest offering “Dancing Alone”. It’s another outstanding electronic-centred pop track which speaks of letting go of someone, and the beauty that may discovered in being on your own. The production is brilliantly complemented by EMMA’s breathy vocals, which immediately draws listeners in.

“Writing this song, I was embracing the end of a relationship. The main thing that got me through the breakup, was reminding myself of all the reasons why this was a good thing. I was reminding myself of my own worth, my values and what I deserve- at the end of the day, being on your own is a way better option than being with someone who’s not right for you.”EMMA SEE.

Stream “Dancing Alone” below:

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Photo Credit: Georgina Nix

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